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The real me. Howdy! ....My Name is Geoffrey Goldberg and I moved to the Pittsburgh area from Massachusetts several years ago. I am a bridge engineer, and Pittsburgh is the place to be if you like bridges. I live at Lat: 40.4738, Lon: -79.8233 in my house.

So, you think the name "Geoffrey"Geoffrey is weird?

Howdy Me at the Kate Shelly High Bridge in Boone, Iowa
(Photo by Adrian Johannes Vlaardingerbroek.)

I have degrees in both Architectural History and Civil Engineering. After graduating, I spent a summer working on the Iowa Historic Bridges Recording Project, which was a project of the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER). The bridges that I documented were bowstring trusses from the 1860's and 1870's. They are quite attractive structures.

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Me and the Easter Bunny.

My footware of choice.   I have 'em in Red, Navy, Fluorescent Green, Orange, Purple, Light Blue, Pine, Mustard, Teal, Monocrome Black, and Stars and Bars.

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I'm a dickhead

My hero: Winston Churchill. See why.

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Do you believe all the popular claptrap about global warming? Its all nonsense!
Global climate change is extremely complex, and it has been going on for millions of years. What about the ice ages?

I collect postcards of bridges. Got any?

My Height Channel Adventure.
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If you have an interest in the design or history of bridges, fiesta ware, fine cigars, etc. then drop me a line.

I'm a proud member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
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